About Me

Kimberly Myhill


Mental Health has been a passion of mine for many years now. My work started in 2013, when I lost one of my friends to suicide. 

I started becoming interested in policy and the law surrounding mental health. 

It wasn't until my own suicide attempt after that, that I really became involved in mental health through my work. I've worked in Disability Rights for around 6 years, and in 2019 was voted one of the most inspirational women in my County for the work I did around mental health.

I feature in the book 'let you truths set you free' by Donia Youssef and Jenny Rayner', and I've frequently featured on TV, Radio and local news discussing mental health and the stigma attached.  

I volunteer for the Human Library and my books are depression, suicide survivor and anxiety. 

Through my own counselling journey, I realised that so many of my experiences had been worsened by the stigma surrounding depression and anxiety. 

Working as a counsellor now, I definitely use my personal experiences to provide the type of support I needed when it was me in the patient seat. 


Things you won't find on my website...

  • A picture of someone in a dark room looking out of a window when it's raining

  • A picture of someone with their head in hands against a blank wall

  • 'Inspirational' quotes