My experiences are listed on my 'about me' page. I've listed some messages I've had from people over the years who have worked with me, heard me speak publically or been supported by me. 

Thank you Kimberly for being such a positive role model with regards to mental health. Knowing your journey and being able to speak to you freely helps me get a greater understanding of the different ways mental health can affect others. Coming from an era where mental health was not discussed I am playing catch in relation to my understanding of mental health and its impact. Being able to sit down with fellow colleagues and learn about their experiences has been a great help. 
the environment that was created was relaxing, not intimidating and everyone was welcome to discuss their personal experiences or experiences of family and friends. 

A very helpful description of the practical steps that aided you during your recovery. It shows that dark times can be overcome.


You've touched on so many truths. I really hope more people see your work. It captures things that no amount of media portrayal ever seem to. Your gentle, but brutal honesty is inspiring. 


V.P - Former colleague

To have watched your growth and when you found the light at the end of the tunnel. You are a wonderful story teller and amazing for this. Thanks for spreading awareness. 

C. S